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Part-Time Employment
Please download part of the Part-Time Employment Application or apply online. Additional pages will need to be completed in person at the Town of Tonawanda Youth, Parks & Recreation Department. All candidates will be required to interview.

Update Employment Application
For current employees only: default Summer 2023 Employment Update Form

Position Requirements
Following is a general list of positions available in the Youth, Parks & Recreation Department.  Included is a brief summation for that position plus the level of certification required for the slot.

Please be aware that the job descriptions that follow are not complete, nor are they intended to be complete.  Each job description also includes other assigned duties and each employee will comply with all reasonable requests of their supervisors.  Facility orientations will address day to day specifics and you should see your immediate supervisor with any questions you may have.

In general, we expect each employee to not only complete their specific duties but also be prepared to deal with patrons in a polite, positive manner; answer phones promptly and professionally; provide information and direction in a friendly, courteous manner; be fully accountable for their work performance and treat customer service as a priority.  Please remember we are a service organization, our reason for existing is to provide service to the public so we expect you to go to the greatest lengths possible to assist patrons within the guidelines of department policies explained in your orientation.

D – Defibrillator
F – First Aid
L – Lifeguarding
P – Pool Operator on Location

Please note not all of these positions have openings