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Since the Aquatic & Fitness Center was built in part with New York State funds, the Center must be made available to everyone.  Residents of the Town of Tonawanda and Village of Kenmore receive our lowest possible fees (see our Residency Policy for specific conditions), although non-residents are also able to join. (Residents live in the 14223 and 14217 ZIP code and parts of 14150 and 14207.  Individuals found living in areas outside the Town of Tonawanda and Village of Kenmore will be assessed non-resident fees.)

Once you become a Member of the Center, you will receive added benefits of Membership such as:

  1. A discounted rate on classes
  2. Early registration for classes
  3. Complimentary fitness evaluation 
  4. Orientation to the fitness room and the equipment
  5. A discounted rate for personal training
Resident Access Cards

The Town of Tonawanda Youth, Parks & Recreation Department utilizes a card to identify residents in order to grant them discounted rates at our various facilities.  To gain access to these reduced prices, you will need to purchase a Resident Access (Discount) Card. Prices are $10 for youth, $20 for adults and $45 for families. This card will grant the card holder the resident discounted rate at our various facilities.  These cards can be purchased at the Aquatic & Fitness Center, the Golf Dome, the TTYPR Main Office, as well as the ice rinks during their season.

This program entitles the resident card holder to pay a discounted (resident) rate at the following facilities:

  • Aquatic & Fitness Center (discounted walk-in rate)
  • Brighton Arena (discounted recreation skate)
  • Brighton Bay Mini Golf [inside the Golf Dome] (discount game fees)
  • Brighton Golf Course (discounted golf round fee)
  • Lincoln Arena (discounted recreation skate)
  • Outdoor pools (discounted entrance fee)
  • Sheridan Golf Course (discounted golf round fee)

Please keep in mind:

  1. The resident discount card expires one year from date of purchase.
  2. The resident discount card must be presented at the time of entry to pay the resident discount rate at each facility.
  3. Your TTYPR Access card is required in order to receive the resident rate when you pay the daily fee to swim.
  4. Discount cards are not "membership" cards to any facility
  5. Look for additional information in the coming months about additional features that will be added.