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Town Water Treatment
The Town of Tonawanda Water Treatment Plant uses conventional water treatment techniques which include disinfection, coagulation, sedimentation and filtration. The plant has the capacity to treat 24 million gallons a day (mgd) of potable water. The facility is independently owned and operated by the Town of Tonawanda. The facility was built in 1956, and an addition was added in 1962 to increase capacity. 

Town Water Supply
Water is supplied to the Town of Tonawanda and the Village of Kenmore, consisting of more than 72,000 residents along with many businesses, which benefit from the facility. There are over 25,000 service of connections and 350 miles of pipe in a 25-square-mile area serviced by this facility and the water resources group. 

The Niagara River is an abundant source of fresh high-quality and stable water suitable for drinking water once treated. This water source is considered unlimited and provides water for many communities with no source restrictions. On the average, the facility withdraws over four billion gallons of water annually for treatment, providing safe, clean and abundant water.


Annual Drinking Water Quality Reports

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pdf 2020 Annual Water Quality Report

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pdf 2016 Annual Water Quality Report

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Water Treatment Resources

Follow these steps to learn  pdf how to disinfect a well . For more information, contact the Water Treatment Plant at (716) 877-4453.
Water Analysis
View the Water Analysis performed for the Town of Tonawanda. This analysis include information on alkalinity, fluoride concentration, chlorine residual, pH levels and more.
Raw Water Intake
The raw water intake is located 100 feet below the surface of the Niagara River. The tunnel is seven feet in diameter and over 6,000 feet long. The water is gravity-fed through the tunnel. A pretreatment process has been added to the tunnel to prevent the growth of zebra mussels and aid in oxidation of organics that cause taste and odor problems.

Upon entering the water plant, the water passes through a screening process that removes debris, small fish and heavy algae growth to prevent damage to plant operating equipment. From here, a combination of four low-pressure pumps lifts the raw water to the main treatment building.

Treatment Chemicals

  • Aluminum Sulfate - A coagulant that causes small particles to stick together
  • Lime - Added to raise the pH of the water to prevent corrosiveness
  • Limestone - Added to provide more weight to the coagulated particles so they settle more easily
  • Fluoride - Added to help prevent dental cavitiess in young children
  • Potassium Permanganate - Added to help remove taste and odors and prevent zebra mussel infestation
  • Chlorine - Disinfects harmful bacteria
  • Carbon - Added to improve taste and reduce odor in water

More Information
For more information, contact the Water Treatment Plant at (716) 877-4453.