The Tonawanda Community Working Group (TCWG) provides a forum for the Tonawanda community to inform, receive input, make recommendations, and discuss the remediation of the former Tonawanda Coke site at 3875 River Road, Tonawanda. Portions of the site are being remediated through the State's Brownfield Cleanup Program by Riverview Innovation & Technology Campus (RITC). The adjacent State Superfund site, comprised of three operable units, is being remediated pursuant to a Consent Order with Honeywell International.

The TCWG is a self-governing and voluntary body chaired by the Town of Tonawanda. The Working Group is supported by DEC and the New York State Department of Health. RITC and Honeywell provide periodic up-to-date information to the Working Group about the ongoing remedial investigations and cleanup efforts at the sites. TCWG meetings fully integrate the community into the remediation process and ensure stakeholders are engaged in the planned comprehensive investigation and remediation of the former Tonawanda Coke property. The TCWG fosters meaningful participation that reflects the diversity of interests and perspectives from the Tonawanda community and encourages public input in the cleanup and redevelopment of this site.

The TCWG's purpose is to provide a forum for robust public engagement including:

1. Enhancing public dialogue, fostering public understanding, and encouraging discussion about the site's investigation and cleanup;

2. Informing project progress in a structured forum and soliciting community feedback;

3. Making recommendations and providing relevant community input regarding community concerns and perceptions as the remedial projects are being performed; and

4. Providing recommendations and input as to appropriate and effective strategies for communication to the residents and the public regarding the technical aspects of the remedial activities or public health implications.

  pdf Community Update - December 2022