The Town of Tonawanda is classified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Phase II rule as an operator of a small municipal separate storm sewer systems (MS4s) based on our population and urban character. Subsequently, we are required to develop and implement a stormwater management program. Here in Western New York, similar communities have formed a WNY Stormwater Coalition which is coordinated by the Erie County Department of Environment and Planning, Environmental Compliance division.

The coalition works together in the WNY community to share resources and reduce the negative impacts of stormwater pollution. Most recently the Town of Tonawanda and art students from Kenmore East High School colaberated to paint a few local stormwater drains throughout Kenmore-Tonawanda. Please feel free to watch the video below:

Quick Facts
  • MS4 Name: Town of Tonawanda
  • Located in County of: Erie
  • General Permit Number: NYR20A468

Type II 24 Hour Storm Event Summary 
Town of Tonawanda, NY is 11,990 acres
Rainfall Event Precipitation (In) Water Volume (CF) MGallons No. of AFC Pools*
1 year 2.10 91,399,770 684 1,046
10 year 3.50 152,332,950 1,139 1,744
100 year 4.90 213,266,130 1,595 2,442

* Aquatic Center Main Pool Volume = 653,340 gallons 
Stormwater Permit Review & Construction Inspection Fees
Refer to Technical Support Fee Schedule
David T. Decker
Senior Engineer Assistant / Stormwater Management Officer

2919 Delaware Ave.
Municipal Building, Room 20
Kenmore, NY  14217

Ph: (716) 877-8805
Fx: (716) 871-8841

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Stormwater Brochures and Manuals
More Information
If you have any questions regarding the Stormwater Phase II Program or would like to comment on the information provided, please contact David Decker at (716) 877-8805.