Project Objectives
The Town of Tonawanda has received a $700,000 Green Innovation Grant to address stormwater management issues in Lincoln Park. The project is currently under design and construction is anticipated in the 2016-2017 season. 
Using a combination of a porous pavement multi-use path section and strategically placed rain gardens, the project aims to minimize and manage the sheet flow storm runoff and areas of standing water that occurs at higher rainfall events that are compounded with super saturation of the soil. The path will be approximately 7,800 feet in length replace approximately 12,500 square feet of impervious concrete sidewalk at various segments of the alignment. The path would introduce a new community amenity and would complement the new Tonawanda Rail-to-Trail being built in 2016 along a former railroad corridor just west of the park. The use of rain gardens would be situated at strategic locations along the path to divert and filter stormwater from areas experiencing standing water. An underdrain would be installed under the path due to the soil conditions which would discharge to the rain gardens. The larger rain gardens along the eastern edge of the park would intercept sheet flow from the park, relieve stormwater from the adjacent porous path. Any excess stormwater would be filtered and discharge to nearby existing storm systems.