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Treatment and Distribution Process
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For more information, contact the Water Treatment Plant at (716) 877-4453.

Treatment Process
  1. Flash Mixing - Various treatment chemicals are added to the incoming raw water at this point, such as aluminum sulfate (alum) and limestone. The flash mixer or rapid mixer mixes the chemicals with the water so that they are evenly distributed.
  2. Coagulation and Flocculation - The water flows from the mixer into a clarifying basin where the alum clings to particles in the water, causing them to stick together and form larger particles called floc.
  3. Sedimentation - The water containing floc particles is allowed to settle for a period of time. This allows suspended matter to sink to the bottom so that relatively clear water may pass on to the last stage of treatment.
  4. Filtration - In the filter, water flows by gravity down through 30 inches of fine anthracite coal and sand. These coal and sand filters filter out any small particles that may be present. The purpose of filtration is to provide a sparkling clear finished water that is free from suspended matter.
  5. Disinfection - A small amount of chlorine is added to kill any remaining germs and keep the water safe.

Distribution Process
  1. Clearwell - Filtered, finished water enters a 4.5-million-gallon underground storage facility, called a clearwell. This allows time for the chlorine to disinfect the water. From there, the water flows to the pumps.
  2. Pumping - The water travels from the clearwell to the pumping facility by gravity. This facility contains five high pressure centrifugal pumps that, by demand, pump water into the distribution system.
  3. Water Storage - In the distribution system, there are two one-million-gallon elevated storage tanks and a four-million-gallon unmanned booster station that provides additional capacity and pressure during periods of high water demand.
  4. Water Testing - A New York State Health Department Certified laboratory is maintained in the plant. It is staffed by experienced professionals that provide extensive laboratory analysis at vital treatment stages and retrieve daily samples throughout the water system. In addition, water samples are regularly checked by the state and county to make certain rigorous standards are being maintained.
  5. Plant Upgrading - The facility is constantly being upgraded with new equipment and instrumentation to make it one of the most modern, state-of-the-art water plants.

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