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Inspection Procedures
Scheduling an Inspection
The owner and/or contractors must contact this department to schedule the following inspections:
  • After the foundation is staked out (before digging)
  • After the foundation is excavated and forms placed (before pouring concrete); all open excavations are to be identified and secured
  • When crawl spaces are used - floor framing, drain tile and plumbing in floors and floor insulation
  • When full cellar areas are used - drain tile and plumbing in floors (before concealing)
  • When the structure is rough framed (before covering exterior with felt and before insulation is installed)
  • Wall and ceiling insulation (before drywall)
  • Final inspection (all finish work complete)
    • Electrical, plumbing and mechanical work inspected
    • Exterior work (including drainage and landscaping) completed before the Certificate of Occupancy is issued

Failure to comply with these procedures could result in permit revocation. Building / electrical inspectors are in the office to answer questions and schedule inspections between 8:00 am and 9:00 am or 12:30 pm and 2:00 pm. For more information, please call (716) 877-8801.

Other Requirements
  • All property owners and contractors are responsible for contacting the New York State Department of Labor regarding asbestos regulations at (716) 847-7126.
  • Contact Underground Facilities Protection Organization (8-1-1) two days prior to digging.
  • Plumbing permits must be obtained from (and plumbing work inspected by) the town plumbing inspector prior to concealment. The town plumbing inspector can be reached at (716) 877-8801.
  • Applications for inspection of electrical work must be sent to the town electrical inspector. Work must be inspected by the inspector prior to concealment. The town electrical inspector can be reached at (716) 877-8807.
  • Any changes from plans submitted should be discussed with your inspector prior to changing.

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