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Demolition Requirements
Receiving a Permit
Prior to the issuance of a demolition permit, the demolition contractor that is currently licensed in the Town of Tonawanda shall submit the following:
  • A property survey
  • The water and sewer disconnect permit by the town Water Resources Department
  • Asbestos survey and clearance letter

Prior to Demolition
Prior to commencing demolition, the contractor shall:
  • Place the name and contact number of the contractor on a sign at the site
  • Make certain all utilities have been disconnected
  • Bait property if any rodent harborage is detected
  • Secure demolition site with fencing
  • Have water supply on hand to control dust

After Demolition
The contractor shall be responsible for:
  • Removing all debris from the property
  • Breaking and covering all foundations, concrete floors located in basements, sub-basements or boiler rooms, retaining walls, crawl spaces, etc., with a minimum of 24" of clean fill
    • All fill shall be clean fill and the contractor shall have documentation of custody
  • Notifying the building inspector for an inspection prior to the commencement of any fill
  • Leveling and grading the area to provide proper drainage of the site
  • Repairing any damage to public sidewalks, curbs or streets

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