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Swim Lesson Levels

Our swim lessons follow the American Red Cross Parent & Child, Preschool and the Learn to Swim swimming programs. 

The Parent and Child Level
Classes are divided into two levels, one for infants 6 month up to children 18 month olds and the other is for children 19 months old up to 36 months old. 

The Preschool Levels
Classes are divided into three levels, are for children four years old to about 5 years of age.  Each level does have its own distinct skills and expectations.

Learn to Swim Levels
The Learn to Swim has six level associated with it and are for children about 5 years of age and older.  This program is a progressive swim lesson program and as your child progresses, new skills are based on the skills taught previously.  It is important to be very patient with your child while they are learning to swim—it is a new environment, with new comfort levels, skills and habits that need to be learned and internalized especially when it comes to breathing. 

Of particular note, among all these skills and characteristics, is breath control.  It is very important that breath control (being able to comfortably breathe, without thinking how to do so, while in the water) is learned and mastered because without it all other skills suffer.  Physical skills, maturity, attentiveness, coordination, confidence (without external flotation), strength, endurance and the ability to participate in class without mom or dad nearby all contribute to the growth and success of your child as a swimmer.  All swimmers are assessed by our staff and are promoted according to their scoring.  So please, do not ask to move your child to a new level before our staff feels they are ready in all these areas.

Swim Lesson

Adult Swim Lessons
Finally, the American Red Cross has released three specific programs for Adult Swim Lessons: Learning the Basics, Improving Skills and Swimming Strokes and Swimming for Fitness.

For more general information, please see our Swim Lesson Guidelines concerning youth swim lessons only.

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