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Weather and Vegetation
Tree Beautification Program
Many years ago the town embarked on a tree beautification program and has been planting trees according to a master plan ever since. The Highway Department Forestry Division also conducts a continuing year-round program of trimming and the removal of diseased or old, large trees.

The unique geography of the town at the eastern end of Lake Erie provides a year-round moderator of temperature extremes. The lake breezes, which average less than 12 mph, help keep our average temperature within the comfort zone of 30 -70 degrees Fahrenheit (-1 to 21 degrees Celsius). Like every other community in the Great Lakes region, we have occasional extremes. On the average however, we have only two days annually that exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Normally we average 132 days annually below freezing. Our annual precipitation as rain and snow averages about 38 inches compared with:
  • 46 inches in Boston
  • 42 inches in New York City
  • 56 inches in Miami
  • 62 inches in New Orleans

Weather Patterns
Much of the area's snowfall occurs in the snow-belt south of the metro area where the ski resorts make good use of it. In the town, our well-maintained snow-fighting equipment follow a systematic removal program to maintain traffic flow even in the most severe weather. Lacking floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and typhoons, the town has a very stimulating weather pattern - despite what the sunbelt newspapers would have you believe!

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