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Insurance Company Information
Accepted Health Insurance Companies & Programs
The Aquatic & Fitness Center participates with the following health insurance companies and their listed programs. When signing up for one of these programs, please be sure to bring all your insurance information. These programs include:

Blue Cross / Blue Shield
Wellness Card (VISA) 
  • Silver Sneakers
  • Prime

  • Silver and Fit                                                                                                                                 

Independent Health
  • FlexFit Active
  • FlexFit Family
  • Personal Best!/Health Extras
  • Healthy Benefits                                                                                                                        

All non-residents who currently have one of the above insurance providers qualify for our "Insurance Rate" Memberships.  Check our Membership Rates page for those prices.

Coordinating With Your Insurance Provider
While not all programs are accepted from each company and many of the programs can
seem the same, there are differences. For details on the specific benefits of each program,
contact your health insurance provider. With some of these programs, a debit card is awarded to you from the insurance company, which will be needed at the time of purchase.

More Information
If you have insurance from any of the above carriers and wish to purchase a membership,visit the Aquatic and Fitness Center at;1 Pool Plaza, Tonawanda, N.Y. 14223 or call us at (716) 876-7424.

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