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Death Certificates
Obtaining Copies of a Death Certificate
Copies of death certificates are provided for persons whose death event occurred in the Town of Tonawanda (ex. at Kenmore Mercy Hospital, a Town home). Deaths occurring in the Village of Kenmore are handled through the Village Clerk's office.

To obtain a certified copy of a death certificate the following details must be met:
  • the requesting individual must be a first degree relative (husband, wife, mother, father, child, sibling) to the individual, an attorney for the individual or estate, or executor/trix of the estate and show proof of such. Death certificates are $10.00 per certified copy. Before receiving a death certificate, an application must be filled out and the requesting party must present proof of identity and lineage to the deceased (most commonly, a valid drivers license accompanied with a government issued, long form, birth certificate).


  • an application can be sent to the town clerk's office requesting the certificate with proof of identity and relation to the individual, and a check made out to the Tonawanda Town Clerk in the amount of $10.00 (certified check or money order for out of state requests)

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