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Birth Certificates
Obtaining Copies of a Birth Certificate
Copies of birth certificates are provided for persons born in the Town of Tonawanda, not the Village of Kenmore. Births occurring in a Tonawanda home or at Kenmore Mercy Hospital are filed in the town clerk's office.

To obtain a certified copy of a birth certificate the following details must be met:
  • the requesting individual must be the individual featured or the mother, father to the named individual, an attorney for the individual or estate, or possess power of attorney and show proof of such
  • before receiving a certificate, an application must be filled out and the requesting party must present proof of identity at the town clerk's office (the most commonly accepted ID is a valid drivers license)
  • birth certificates are $10.00 per copy


    • a completed application can be sent to the town clerk's office with proof of identity and relation to the individual, and a check made out to the Tonawanda Town Clerk in the amount of $10.00 (certified check or money order for out of state requests)

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