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Trapping Requirements
All residents who trap wildlife must have in their possession while trapping a trapping license except:
  • Resident owners, lessees and members of their immediate families and Indian resident owners and resident members of their immediate families when trapping on farm lands that they are occupying and cultivating; resident Indians do not need a trapping license while trapping on reservation lands.
  • Resident active members of the U.S. armed forces who are stationed elsewhere and are in the state no longer than 30 days; while trapping, such persons must carry their service identification card and furlough papers.

Previous Trapping License Requirements
All trapping license buyers must present one of the following:
  • A previous trapping license from any state
  • A New York State Trapper Education Program certificate
  • An affidavit from a license-issuing agent stating that a trapping license was issued to the applicant

Trapper Education Course
The Department of Environmental Conservation trapper education course is open to everyone, from beginners seeking their first trapping license, to experienced trappers keeping up to date. Topics covered include trapper ethics and responsible trapping, trap preparation and maintenance, trap sets and pelt preparation, and laws and regulations. The course is free and usually consists of two four-hour sessions. For details contact your New York Department of Environmental Conservation Regional Office.

Persons who have completed a trapper education course approved by DEC, Cooperative Extension / 4H or the New York State Trapper's Association are eligible for a certificate of completion. Contact your instructor.

Caution: For some courses, a list of persons completing them was not maintained. Do not expect to obtain a certificate if you completed such a course.

Young Trappers
A junior trapping license is required for an eligible New York State resident under 16 years of age. The applicant must be accompanied by parent, legal guardian or person designated by parent or legal guardian, who must consent to issuance of the license and sign his or her name across the face of the license.

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