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Traffic / Service Bureau
Accident Investigators on Scene
Lieutenant Nicholas Bado
Bureau Head

1835 Sheridan Dr.
Kenmore, NY  14223

Direct 716-879-6625
Secretary 716-879-6615

The Service Bureau is a multifaceted support bureau of the Police Department. They are responsible for:
  • Maintaining accident, commercial vehicle enforcement, DWI, recovered property and Service Bureau personnel records
  • Maintaining traffic files on all town streets
  • Coordinating accident investigations, commercial vehicle enforcement and DWI roadblocks
  • Investigating and/or referring traffic complaints to the proper agency and taking appropriate corrective action
  • Purchasing and maintaining patrol equipment, i.e., vehicles, radars, scales, breathalyzers, radios and lights, alco-sensors, tint meters, flares, accident investigation equipment and the like 
  • Training, assigning and equipping crossing guards
  • Training, assigning and equipping police matrons
  • Serving as liaison to various other traffic safety agencies and committees
  • Conducting annual auction of unclaimed recovered property

  • Motor vehicle accident reports: $0.25
  • Accident investigations: $5
  • Accident sketches: $15
  • Accident photos: $20
  • B.A.C. statements for DWI school: $3

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