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Re-Tree Town of Tonawanda
Re-Tree Town of Tonanwanda Volunteers Volunteers Receiving Instructions on Planting Trees Volunteers Planting Tree
Mission Statement
The Re-Tree Town of Tonawanda Volunteer Program will be responsible for growing, maintaining and planting trees throughout the Town of Tonawanda.

The Re-Tree Town of Tonawanda Program will educate volunteers in forestry procedures, provide hands-on training for young people interested in future careers in arboriculture, as well as provide healthy, young trees to be planted throughout the Town of Tonawanda in future years. This program works in conjunction with the town's chapter of the Boys and Girls Club of North Towns to emphasize civic pride in the community.

The program will establish a network of volunteer youth and adults to become productive assets for the community. It will enhance the quality of life for Town of Tonawanda residents.

If you would like to volunteer, please call (716) 875-8822 ext. 241.
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